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Is a modern, powerful
frontend framework

It has been made to develop
websites that are technically
perfects and visually stunning...
in minutes!

Try it!

It has been a hard work by

Giacomo Jack Rizzotti

mini is a powerful frontend framework
made to build wonderful and
technically perfect websites in... minutes!

Why mini?

Many many times in the life of a web app designer/developer you'll wonder if there's a way to make things easier and faster but not less precise. That's what mooved me to invest time in developing a frontend framework that helps in the live-development of modern web applications.

Passing through thousands of other frameworks I think the thing that really makes the difference is the knowledge you have about a certain tool; while I'm not actively participating to the development of any other framework I understand that I would never know other tools like I would know mine.

So I assume that for you, mini it's exactly like another ff. But not for me. For us @ pimsle it's a perfectly known tool for develop perfect websites.


If you love mini and you prefer to learn it instead of other ff, we'll be glad to let you use it and to teach you some interesting features.

Now you can have a look to our little features list
(aka knowledge base)





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mini is a simple & light ( PHP, HTML, CSS & JS ) frontend framework by Giacomo Jack Rizzotti

My agency ( pimsle) builds wonderful websites.